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In January my husband and I decided we would like to go to Canada we decided to contact professionals which lead us to Global Visas, our consultant was Nozipho van Jaarsveld, we had a telecom with her to discuss whether we are good candidates to apply for a student permit. We had a strong case.

After having a consultation we were told which documents to get. We requested and collected the documents ourselves.We were asked to pay R20 000 for their services. On their document it states that if you don’t get your visa due to their negligence they will refund you. We asked Nozipho whether a DUI in 2005 would cause a visa refusal, she said no, it is longer than 5 years.

We met with her once to make sure she had all the correct documents, we missed a couple and had to return with the rest. Trying to get hold of your case manager is a task in itself, they are almost never available, I called on the 8th of August to find out how our application was going, only to find out that Nozipho was on two weeks holiday, no one bothered to advise us of this. 6 weeks later, we were told that our visas were refused due to my husband being criminally inadmissible on account of the DUI. Now, I would think, knowing the circumstances and working on these cases on a daily basis, she would have requested us to do a criminal rehabilitation first, seeing as they are the professionals, surely they should know this.

We didn’t even know what the process for the criminal rehabilitation was let alone that the process of rehabilitation could take more than a year. I later found this out on a website. Throughout the entire process, I asked whether she thought everything would be okay and she continually told us we had a very strong case. I believe the visa was refused due to her negligence.

I have sent in a request for refund and was told the process could take up to 30 working days and I would not receive the full refund because they have already worked on our file. What warrants the work for R20 000 really? Telling us which documents to get? R300 courier fee to the CIC, replying to emails, at most 10 phone calls (If you don’t call them and leave a message they will never call you and take days to call you back, so you have to call them daily)?

Packing it nicely into an envelope and sending it to the Canadian High Commission? This is unprofessional and unacceptable. Nozipho gave us the incorrect information, causing us to lose our visas, Global Visas are just money hungry and willing to lie to their clients to get the sale. I am certainly not going to leave the matter here.

I received an email from them stating that we never told them my husband had a DUI, which is a complete and utter lie, Nozipho is a liar! They are lying, dirty, stealing scumbags. The employees should be ashamed of themselves.

They have now changed their name to IXP Visas - not dodgy at all! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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London, London, United Kingdom #883393

Hi, I got my money back from them. Please visit below website and file a complaint agains them.

It's very easy process. Please take a stand don't let them eat your money just like that.



These dodgy immigration advisors have changed their names from Global Visas to IXP Visas/IP Visas and now they have gone bankrupt and started a new company called Launch Immigration based in the 12th floor Broadgate Towers near Liverpool street station.

I know one of the advisors Joseph Kamara personally and he is a dodgy salesman from south london.

Also watch out for Mohammed "Tayyab" Malik and Sahid Rahman with their trusty cheerleader Bosco Braganza, they are all the same, they don't care about you... until you give them your credit card number, and that novelty only last until your case has been handed over to a caseworker.

Please avoid these scammers!!

stay far away from them!! block their number on your phone!!

You have been warned.


Thank you for your helpful advice.

One of their agent is pestering us by consistently calling us to file application through them


Thanks for the heads up, almost fell into that stinky hole of lies and deceit. luckily haven't paid any money yet, and won't do so either!!!!


Any scam company should face the law.

There are so many of them out now especially on the internet which makes it difficult to recognise and trust the genuine, they should be reported to that nation,s authority.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #831269

Please send all your complains re: IXP VISAS DUBAI to ~

You can complain about companies in the UAE to the UAE consumer protection bureau at 600522225 or check


Consult the following page on the CIC website to find more information about paid and unpaid representatives: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/representative/index.asp


i agree totally with you...the took from me around 1000$ in order to apply for Australia as a first payment. after few days they realized that my case is not strong enough . i am still struggling till now getting my money back.


This company is a scam, STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee u probably work for them. They are liars.

Have they helped u get a visa?

I havent heard of one person they have helped get overseas. Either u state why u think I am messing with their name or prove me wrong.


Do you have any proof of disclosure of such a fact to them? Otherwise, stop spoiling their name. You don't have a case.

to Lee Uttoxeter, England, United Kingdom #761918

What do you mean do have any proof .do you also have proof that they help someone to get their visa show it .if not shot up people like annoy me


yes GLOBAL VISAS ARE LIARS...................................


Global visas are truly ***

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #724050

Did you read my post correctly? They were aware of it from the beginning and still requested me to pay R20 000.

They said it wouldn't be a problem due to it being more than 5years. It was their responsibility to advise us to apply for rehabilitation with our initial application which would have saved us the extra cost.

They sell pipe dreams and their professional services are a complete hoax. They do nothing for you for an exorbitant amount.

Green, Ohio, United States #724042

You get denied a Visa because of your husband's criminal history (YES!, criminal) and it is their fault. It appears they provided a service and should be duly compensated. Stop poiting the finger at them.

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