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We are trying to immigrate to another country and Global Visas told us that going to Canada would be a good option for us due to the fact that my husband works in the Mining Sector and his occupation is on the skill shortage list.

Global Visas said that we would have to go in on a “Work & Live” visa and that this would mean that my husband would need a job offer before we could start the visa application but in their contract they have with us states “We will actively source employment for you through our network of international recruitment agencies or directly with our growing list of major employers in each country.” As well as” Our sister company, IXP recruitment works exclusively for our clients. They operate like any top level recruiter by proactively marketing your cv to prospective employers and unearthing unadvertised roles”…however IXP is not even up and running and they are only sending minimal cv’s to jobs advertised on the websites and for SO MANY wrong positions and I had to fight with them after 2 months before they even started send his cv out.

They only help you find jobs for 6 month and thereafter it is all in your hands and they have wasted 2 months already. Not even to mention all the incorrect jobs they have applied for through indeed are a total of 12. This is NOT world class service, this is incompetence.

Therefore their contracts are based on lies and this affects our visas application as we will never be able to go over if this is left in their hands.

In their contract they also state that “We will give you a FULL refund if our board of Directors finds that we have provided incorrect information during our consultation”. They gave us wrong and misleading information and they lie in their contracts but now they are refusing us our refund.

They say they are the Worlds number 1 and their service is outstanding but this is all just to get R30 000.00 out of you and when they have this you are left to fend for yourself with no help from them.

This is not acceptable and we want our money back as Global Visas are in breach of contract, not us!!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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It's been 2 years now, Global visas insisted I pay upfront. Then all communication stopped and I lost the work I already had lined up.

Hope to hear from complaint dep.

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