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On the 27th of August 2009 I solicited the help of Global Visas Cape Town, South Africa. I came across GV on the internet and called them to seek assistance with regards to a TRV (temporary resident visa). I was in Dire need of help, I had already been denied a TRV once, and I desperately wanted to get to my at that time girlfriend. They then told me that they cannot help me until I pay them a fee. Understandable because its business. After talking to the savvy consultant on the phone he had convinced me to apply for a totally different visa, I thought that might be a better idea. So I paid them about 3000USD, (in rand R22800). This guy told me he could have me in Canada in 6 months, obviously I was impressed and I bought it, hook line and sinker.

We applied for another TRV with GV, and it was denied, I'm not blaming them for that, I don't know what the problem was but the visa was denied. I decided to put the skilled worker visa on hold, as they had not started with it yet, my girlfriend and I decided to wait a bit. In November 2009 we decided that we wanted to get married, so in March we got engaged, and later that month we got married. We had a picturesque wedding on the beach. In-between December and March we were planning our wedding and gathering documents for a spousal visa. We had a tough time communicating with them. Calls and emails took days to answer. It was incredibly annoying.

The day before the wedding we found out that we needed to get documents from Canada that take about 3-6 months to get. They just forgot to mention that to us. This was there speciality so they should know about all these things. We then decided there had to be another way. We proceeded to get married and left for Pretoria to find out how we can get legally married. We were told by GV CPT, that without these documents it would not be possible. They know about the spousal visa application for more than 5 months. And should have told us this in the beginning already. We then went to Pretoria and spoke to home affairs and so forth. This all happened in a day. We then got legally married that same day. The documents they told us we needed, we didn't need. I find that rather unprofessional and a waste of our valuable time.

Regardless, we handed all our documents in. We still had loads of questions and frequently called and asked and emailed and we very seldom got prompt response. If any at all. We paid so much money for this service that was not really being delivered. So all our docs where handed in, and now the wait for it to be sent off to Mississauga for the first stage. Time was very important to us, as my wife had to leave for Canada to begin her studies, and our time was limited to be together. And we wanted this submission to be made fast, this is why you use these companies so that things get done speedily.

We were told after a week that the application was done and sent off. The following week I called again to find out if they had heard anything upon the receipt of the docs in Canada. I was then told they the documents are being checked as we speak by the case workers supervisor. You can imagine to my anger and frustration I found out that they had lied to me. After confronting them, they said they never told me, I gave them the name of the lady and time and day that I called. No answer. In this time I tried to get a hold of the manager, and I never could, always busy with another case on the phone or something silly.

Then one day he calls me and is all arrogant with me on the phone, after telling him why I am so pissed, he says that he understands, he has dealt with "emotional" clients like me. What a cheek! He promised to get it done the next day, and he would call my by 10am. I waited and called back at 4 and he was not available, then I was told that the case worker that had been dealing with my case had left and was no longer working there. I was livered. As you can well imagine.

The following week this new lady calls me up Monique Fensham, and tells me she will be the new case worker. She is going to be working on my STILL NOT COMPLETED APPLICATION. This was 3 weeks after we had given them all the docs they needed. The forth week I called on a Monday again to find out if they are going to send it off yet??? I was then told that Nuran Du Toit, the case worker that had left (apparently) was now working with the new case worker, Monique and Robbie the manager. What a joke! My wife by this time had already left for Canada and our application had still not been completed. Not even close. Over the next couple of days they contacted me and told me that there were some documents missing. Documents that we know we sent and have proof of sending them. I then went to their offices to collect my documents. Picked up the docs and returned home, only to find that the documents they said they needed and we did not send, was in the pile of documents that they had. Which means they didn't even look through the documents properly?

I then called them and told them about this and I was told that I was a liar and I placed the documents in there. What reason would I have to do so?? HEY??

I posted a complaint on and I then received a phone call that from the case worker. I was on a Skype call with my wife; I put the phone call on speaker phone so that my wife could hear what she had to say. She did not know my wife could hear her. She went on to tell me that they think my marriage is a joke and fraudulent. They have seen this all before and don't think I will get a visa. But she was screaming at me over the phone. I remained calm, and told them I would take this further, she put the phone down in my ear, 2 days later she calls me up and says can I please send her the docs, so they can process it. I mean really??? She told me I was a fraud, now she wants me to give her some of the most important documents ever, to process. I think not.

At no point in all of my dealings with GV Cape Town, did they ever apologise for the colossal incontinence they caused me. We then went on to threaten to make a formal complaint against their CSIC – (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) representative in Canada. Sherwin Mamaradlo then called us up and said that he know nothing about what was going on and offered to help us. He was great, what a pleasure to deal with. He was very helpful, and I can say that for the whole global visas Canada branch in Toronto. They were all very friendly and helpful. Sherwin got our documents submitted. After allot of extra documents that we then had to give. But we got it done.

This was now more than 3 months after we had been married. And the documents had only now been submitted.

I also tried to call the global Visas head office in the UK, when I called I spoke to a young guy on the phone and I told him about my predicament and that I wanted to make a formal complaint about GV CPT. He then told me that there was nothing that he could do about it. While I was still talking to him he said that he doesn't have time for this and put the phone down in my ear. I didn't know what to do anymore; it was at that point that I decided to put complaints on these websites. I did try to sort this out with them, but no one wanted to listen or help me.

In-between all this Liam Clifford the managing Director of Global Visas, sent me an email, I have copied and pasted it below:

Dear All,

Anthony has been writing on the internet that Global Visas are Fraudsters, we have little knowledge and posted several other comments in more than one complaints. I have therefore put a proposition to Anthony. Either he retracts his complaints and allows us to do our job or he sacks us as his Immigration agent and we refund his fees and pass on a copy of his file to the Canadian authorities showing our case notes to explain why we can no longer represent him.

We can not continue to work with a person who does not appreciate our efforts and is not prepared to withdraw his negative comments online. I await to hear from you Anthony. In the meantime can we put Anthony's case on hold.


Liam Clifford

Managing Director

I replied to Liam and told him that if GV CPT contacted me and apologised then I would remove the complaints, I removed the complaints regardless, but I never heard from Global Visas South Africa or UK again.

In closing, I don't think that Global Visas Cape town know what they are doing and they are the South African Branch and strongly urge anyone considering using them to think twice. You are only setting yourself up for lots of frustration and will not get good service at all. And I will make a pint of it to tell whoever I can not to use them at all. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY PLEASE!!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #689396

Your story sound so simmilar to ours, they also treated us like we were criminals, pigs, lowest of the low and didn't even appologise! We lost so much money because of them and they have all these excuses not to pay us back or refund us!

I'm very upset!

I wish we could be refunded and appologised to! I'm still angry because of this, i'll never get over it!!

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